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Muppy Love

From: "AfPhantom"
Subject: Re: [I] A Resipee for Disaster - a new term at St. Custard's. Long-ish. OK then, long.
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 18:36:48 +0100

Ailbhe Leamy wrote in message <8cb2fn$20j$>...
>O. Mi. God.
> I'd afpropose, only, well, you got some of
> your facts mildly crooked n the filk featuring
> the Muppet, so I'm pretending to be miffed.
> Ailbhe
> who laughed aloud, and on a Monday too!

Damn! Missed an afproposal from Ailbhe :-(

'Tis back to the Hutch of Enailbhelation for li'l old me then.

I'll have you know that I carefully ferreted out the *exact* truth of the matter before I wrote that filk,and then made absolutely *certain* that I... rigorously excluded any particle of it from the proceedings. Accuracy in reporting is all very well, but I *am* still working for BNFL 'til the end of the week... ;-)

In the hopes of making amends, please accept this small token in honour of a particularly vommish pet name bandied about betwixt a certain couple this past weekend.

As promised...

Muppy Love

And she calls him Muppy-love
Oh I guess that Ailbhe knows
How a geek's heart really feels
And that's why she loves him so.

And she calls him Muppy-love
Even tho' he's left his teens;
Our dear Ailbhe understands
What his laptop really means!

Tho' others may cry tears for him,
Their tears are all in vain;
His fluffy blonde beard
She fancies, I fear
And also loves his Muppety brain!

Someone help me,
Help me please
Is the answer up above?
How can I not feel queasy
When she calls him Muppy-love?


...Wot, *still* no afproposal?

...Leave the Hutch?!

I'm already wearing my shroud...


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