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From: Mark Datko
Subject: [I] Birthday Singalong filk (was Re: [F] question from newbie)
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 12:34:54 -0000

Karen wrote in message
> Terry Pratchett writes:
> >simon writes:
> [followups set]
> >> After all, we're all looking at the same thing, the same people and
> >>the same world (song breaks out in the background: "It's a flat world
> >>after all"). Fade out.
> For some reason, certain performances of that piece (notably those by
> sweet ickle children) put me in mind of drinking songs. Or maybe it was
> just drinking.
> >I positively forbid anyone from writing this filk.
> >
> >Having written it, I positively forbid them and their friends dressing
> >up in costumes and performing a jerky Disneyworld version of it at a DW
> >con or CCE.
> >
> >Have performed this, I positively forbid them from taking an encore.
> Oh it could get a lot worse than that.
> Just supposing a couple of people came up with good memorable singalong
> filks and supposing that they were presented at, f'rinstance Clarecraft
> 2001.
> And supposing the most 'singalongable' became the theme song for the
> convoy of afpmeets across the world to celebrate the 10th anniversary of
> afp. (see my .sig for details). It would of course have to be *very*
> singalongable, and probably include a reference to the hedgehog mascot

Hmm produding a singalong filk with simple words which are suitable for for a wide age range of folk, from the newbie to the most ancient of old farts <g>
to a tune which our corner of the global village all know, and that might survive the consumption of a pint of scumble or two, is a tall order ....

<takes deep breath>

In the genre which we like
Lives a man who made a world
And he told us of the tales
Of a universe, the disk unfurled
So they geeked upon the net
Till they sent an R F C
And we lived in all our posts
in our newsgroup a f p

We all lurk in a newsgroup a f p
Newsgroup a f p, newsgroup a f p
We all lurk in a newsgroup a f p
Newsgroup a f p, newsgroup a f p

And our friends are at the meet
Many more of them wait on line
And the filks begin to play ....

We all lurk ...

(spoken) Maya gold ahead, Mr Hedgehog, Maya Gold, ahead
Maya gold ahead it is, afpers
Cut the bread, fetch the cheese
Aye, Sir, Aye, Captain Carrot ...

And we now can all relax
Every one of us has read the FAQs
Netiquette and tag-ged key
In our newsgroup a f p

We all lurk ...

I'll get my coat ......

Mark Datko

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