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O Little Group of AFP

From: David Chapman
Subject: [I] The AFP Carol Service Part 7
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 12:47:17 -0000

I was just wondering - should these be called "carils"?


O little group of AFP
How still we see thee lie!
Until the Christmas newbies come
And then we start to cry
The light of Clue it shineth
Within thine FAQs
And all the threads of times gone by
Are found on Deja News.

The filks are born from loonies
And gathered on L-Space
While mortals sleep, our Elfin keeps
Them locked in a safe place
And to each bloody idiot
Who says we're not real fans
We say "Sod off to ABP,
You silly little man!"

Oh, do not ask if Pterry's here
Please keep it shut, we pray
Our strong desire to speculate
Forced him to go away
But Colin Smythe drops by sometimes
With tidings glad to tell
Of Discworld novels out next year
With Kidby prints as well!

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