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Oh Barry

From: Warwick
Subject: Re: Recognized Pratchett Enterprise?
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 17:40:28 -0000

In article <>, Barry.R says...
> In article <>, harassed
> says...
> >If you didn't spend so long listening to Britney on your PC I'd get more
> >work done in the office...
> >Alex "Working from Home indefinitely for safety reasons now" TEH
> Yeah, seeing you spending your time dancing round the office
> dressed as schoolgirl will give someone a coronary real quick...
> Barry 'not that I play Britney' R

Mussst resist.....

Oh Barry, Barry.
How were we supposed to know
That Outlook wouldn't work here
Oh Barry, Barry
This <blink> tag just had to go
But this could start a fight, yeah
Show me where to pay my 20p
Tell me Barry 'cause I need to know now, oh because

My cluelessness is killing me
I must confess I still believe
When I'm in Outlook I lose my mind
Give me a sign
sig me Barry one more time


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