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On AFP We Tag

From: MP
Subject: [I] On AFP We Tag {FILK (bad)}
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 20:06:59 GMT

OK, it's sort of [M]ish, but more [I], IMO.

On AFP We Tag
(To the tune of "Tonight we Fly" - The Divine Comedy)

On AFP we tag,
It saves us the hassle
Of reading dull posts,
And keeps us from straying into relevancy - there's nothing worse than
that to me

On AFP we tag,
Oldies will remember,
The I's and the R's,
That helped keep order on this, our A F P - they seem to have gone, at
least for for now

I for irrelevant,
R for the books,
F for the fandom,
A for annotation,
G for the games,
Now that's not so hard...

<hum a bit now - I'm no songwriter... You could repeat that bit I suppose.>

On AFP we tag,
And if a post is,
tagless, you know,
you really ought to add one - you know what they are, or at least you do now...

<more humming...>

Not the best FILK ever, but on my newsreader out of 19 messages shown (titles of messages in treeview), 7 were tagless, all (AFAICT) from posters who should know better...
Consider yourselves eaten!


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