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From: AfPhantom
Subject: [I] On a-f-p... (was Re: [I] Filk -- Wilkommen)
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2000 21:08:44 +0100

Joy Green wrote in a message ...

[snipped, but with reluctance]

*rapturous applause*

It is good to know that no matter how far I may wander, the lovely Joy Green is, and always will be, well on form!

Of course, I *am* somewhat biased :-)

For some reason, you've put me in a somewhat Lehrer-esque frame of mind, and so...

With the usual apologies and disclaimers -
especially to the wonderful Rob and Ailbhe (although this filk is largely the latter's fault *g*) - I would like to present yet another corruption of one of Mr. Tom Lehrer's songs. There is, I am afraid, a reference or two in here which will only be accessible to those who have been around for certain times in this group's history, for which I apologise to the more recently-acquired devotees of the Afpish Way.

Without further ado, to the tune of "My Home Town"...

On A.F.P

I really have a yen
To go back once again;
Back to the place where no-one bothers me -
To see once more those super-special Usenet folks
On a-f-p

No fella could ignore
The old clue-posting bore;
He stamps both feet when new folks post with glee -
Now he's in charge of where he once was a newbie
On a-f-p...

I remember Rob;
The Muppet on the corner, he was
Never mean or ornery,
He was swell -
Until he jumped the Queue
And damned his soul to Hell...
Thus throwing quite a snit
Into ev'ry jealous twit!

The guy who is a doc,
Who sometimes wears a frock -
There is no place we'd rather see him be;
And at the meets he takes the most amazing pictures
Of a-f-p...

That fella was no fool,
Who cooked up our group's rules;
Tho' certain people try to bring us down...
[There's such a thing as libel so I'll have
to leave this line out]
On a-f-p...[1]

I remember Dog;
He's awfully Usenet-literate,
For some it is a pity
That it's so;
He loves to burn up newbies
Just to watch the glow...
And nothing should be done
Because he's not the only one!

The girl who hands out Clues
And trawls through Deja News
To save us from the Trolls that shake our tree;
Oh yes indeed the people there are just strange folks,
On Aaaaaaye...




AfPhantom (rarely-seen rebel without a .sig)

[1] The original, for those who are unfamiliar with Mr. Lehrer's work, ran thusly;

"That fella was no fool,
Who taught our Sunday school,
And neither was our kindly Parson Brown...
[We're recording tonight so I'll have to
leave this line out]
In my home town..."

And *that's* why. ;-)

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