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On A.F.P.

From: Adrian Ogden
Subject: [I][FILK] Another Lehrer filk. And why not?
Date: 17 Nov 2000 13:10:24 GMT

On A.F.P.

Sung to the tune of My Home Town, by Tom Lehrer

I really have a yen
To login once again,
Back to the place I'm always glad to be
To see once more those super-special just plain weird folks
On a.f.p.

There was the fair Colette
The goddess of the net
Whose earrings were quite a sight to see
Now she's in Maskerade, employed at Mrs Palm's
On a.f.p.

I remember Rock
No, that isn't some misnomer, he's
from Tulsa, Oklahoma, he's
Just swell
He drives a mini that he painted up real well
And they say he's the bee's knees
On those tinkling ivories

Among us there was one
who organized a Con
where we could spend a day or two, or three
And oh we still recall the dunking in the custard
on a.f.p.

We'd joke with all our pals
That "There Is No Cabal"
It's really not some grand conspiracy
(This gets archived on Deja, so I'd better leave this line out)
On a.f.p.

I remember Gid
The fellow known as Holyoake
Who liked to sing and tell a joke
or two
and obsolete computers; he had quite a few
Which he'd bring back from the dead
In the safety of his shed

The fools who spammed the net
Would find their match was met
We'd trace and TOS them all with glee
Oh yes the people here are really just plain folk
on a.f.p.

Adrian Ogden

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