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Once an Apfer, David Chapman

From: MEG
Subject: The AFP Carol Service Part 1999 (was [I] An appendix to the year)
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 21:07:08 -0000

Dave Chapman wrote in message <842s95$rm6$>...
>A brief pause to apologise to everybody whose back I've got up this year,
>using my Emergency Backup Addy in an attempt to get through to as
>many of you as possible.
>Christmas is coming, the weather's turning vile
>Please take Dave Chapman out of your killfile
>I'm only human, just like all of you
>(And if you ain't killfiled me, then God bless you!)

To the tune of "Once in Royal David's City"

Once an apfer, David Chapman
Posted filks at Christmas time
They were good and made us chortle
To us all it was no crime
For the poster, reader, lurker,
He was the prolific worker.

He came in to share his talents
With us all and many more
Some of them were only av'rage
Others of them I adore
Then a long-lost friend called Murky
With a carol did delurky [0]

With his absence from the newsfroup
He forgot to tag his post
Ruffled feathers, rich from preening
David he upset the most
Accusations of "Newbie"
Flung at Murky we did see

All the oldies, farts and reg'lars
Jumped on David from on high
He retorted in his anger
As I read I gave a sigh
Written medium strikes again
Causing sadness, grief and pain

Have a smile for all your readers
Hope and fun this time of year
Usenet's free to all and sundry
Lurkers watch you, never fear
Op'ning never closing doors
Peace, goodwill to you and yours.

[0] I'm not apologising for it.

And for some strange reason that only the cognoscenti would fathom, I won't be receiving a newbie pack either.

Still never done a public plonking.


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