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Phil the Fluter's Ball

From: Gid Holyoake
Subject: The Phantom Filker Part III
Date: 28 September 1998 00:58

Aha.. the hard one.. the one dedicated to those willing band of lunat^H^H^H^H^Hvolunteers known as the ConCom.. well.. it's dragged it's way out at last..

To the tune of "Phil the Fluter's Ball"

Now you've heard of Terry Pratchett, of literary fame.
A Con was held in Liverpool, most everybody came.
The whole thing it was organised by those they call ConCom.
They worked so hard to make it work, their leisure time was gone!

There was Karen (Vodka Vixen), there was Bob and Rob and Claire-Louise,

And Darrell (Mr. Fluffywuffy), Derek, Rachel, Ben,
There Was Brian, Simes and Frugal, and Belinda, they were working hard,

And someone called Paul Rood who said he wouldn't go again!

And they all wandered round looking very intellectual.
Their brows neatly furrowed, banging heads against the wall.
Some of them were terse and some were conversational,
And some were so emotional they couldn't speak at all.

But they worked and they worked 'til the whole convention finished,
And they carried out their duties 'til the work had all been done.
I don't care what you say about convention operations.
The only thing that I will do's salute them every one!


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