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From: jester
Subject: [I] Oh no. Another filk.
Date: 25 Apr 1999 11:26:43 GMT

Whilst in the bath this morning, this came to me. Obviously, I need to spend less time in the bath 8-). I've committed some attrocities against the English language here, and some folkism's too I suspect, so I'll start in the traditional manner:

<fx: long drawn-out chord>

To the Lincolnshire Poacher:

I'll sing you a song of afp
The newsgroup that you've found.
Before you post, please take a seat,
And have a look around.
There's chocolate, cheese, beer and bread
To help you settle down.
In the friendliest froup you're likely to find,
In this, or any, town.
The first thing that you'll notice here
Might come as a surprise;
The subjects, most have little tags
And most if them are [I]s.
We don't discuss old Terry much,
Just topics near and far.
But if you want to talk books, then please feel free;
Just tag the subject [R].
Some names you'll see again and again,
And others are quite rare.
But all in all that doesn't mean much,
It's for content that we care.
Some people don't post very much,
But please listen when they do.
And Chris's and Sams we have hundreds of.
Which one of them are you?
Now MegaMole is often droll,
And always tuneful too.
And Ellis's, they come in pairs,
Musical through and through.
And Gid should be recorded, or
At least the songs he sings.
We'll filk through the night, by the firelight,
About all sorts of things.
A long haul done, you've made it through
The posts and F A Qs
The lspace web has pulled you in,
You don't know what to do.
How do we cope when nothing's here,
Or, at least, nothing new?
We just wibble right on through the night
On IRC, my dear.

Anybody who thinks that this is in any way retaliation for MegaMole putting me in a filk last week, is so far of the mark, it's believable.

Andy Brown

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