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Pretty Clueful

Author: James Green
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999

I've been wandering about other groups on Usenet, and I've discovered that there's some pretty awful groups out there, in terms of cluelessness. And then I heard Pretty Woman on the radio. The rest, as they say, is his story. Or is it mine? No, it's his... oh, sod it. On with the filk. It's a kind of tribute to all that's good on A.F.P. [This is the second time of posting - I found my sent items folder!] [abbreviations are pronounced as their letters if they have dots in (a.f.p. = ay-eff-pee) and not if they don't (afpers = aff-pers)] [Tags ([R], [C] etc) are pronounced as the letter therein] [I know I've messed with the rhyme scheme, but it was all in the interest of scansion]

Pretty Clueful
- tune: well, you can guess.

a.f.p.ers, wandering round the streets,
a.f.p.ers, organising meets,
a.f.p.ers, you've all been reading
The F.A.Q.s,
No group is as clueful as you
a.f.p.ers, you've been so good to me,
a.f.p.ers, whose posts I like to read,
a.f.p.ers, you look hungry as can be
please eat this choc-o-late, not me...
a.f.p.ers drink some beer,
a.f.p.ers not so near...
a.f.p.ers give your foo-ood to me.
a.f.p.ers make me smile,
a.f.p.ers make me wince,
a.f.p.ers you're too goo-ood, to me.
'cause I like you, you treat me right.
trolls and spammers, get pushed out of sight....
a.f.p.ers, meand'ring by,
a.f.p.ers, only posting [I]
a.f.p.ers that I read, with glee.
I guess I'll stop now, 'cos it's late.
There'll be tomorrow's posts, but wait!
What did I see?
Yeah, a chance for pedantry....
oh, a.f.p.ers.
=====That's all, folks!=====

OK, so what did you think? That's only my second filk, and the first one didn't elicit a single response (you're all too tactful - I know how awful it was!), but I'd appreciate feedback...

James Green filker in training.

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