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Subject: Re: [I] FAQ Round-up Yeehaa!!
From: Gid Holyoake
Date:Fri, 11 Dec 1998 01:55:54 -0000

In article <74pc66$u2d$>, esmi generously decided to share with us:


> IMO, it is about time we had a sort of "round-up" of the FAQs.

Oh no.. now you've done it.. I've got an image now of FAQboys and FAQgirls mounted upon shining white Pentiums, lasso in hand, doing the annual FAQ round-up..

Posting, posting, posting,
If those FAQs you're hosting,
Save the flames from roasting,
Hints and clues providing
Safety, from deriding
Old-farts with time not on their side.
Know that you're promoting,
Good tagging, snips and quoting,
And when apostrophe's to elide!

Cut the .sig, pedant point,
Pedant point, cut the .sig,
Cut the .sig, pedant point,
Tag your posts, trim your quotes,
Trim your quotes, tag your posts,
Tag your posts, trim your quotes,


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