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From: Mark Teather
To: <>
Subject: [I] Shiny Happy People filk. (Was: Just thought [I]t was time I said hi)
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 07:20:27 -0000

Hi Elfin (?), I posted this as part of my delurk a few days ago and was told you might be interested in it. If so, do with it what you will.

Regards, Map.

To R.E.M.s "Shiny Happy People" with apologies.

<fx: holds hand as far away as possible and ducks>
Smiley afpeople, laughing.

Meet me A.F.P.
Newbie, newbie
Don't be hard on me
Help me, tell me.
"Take the FAQ
Read it, read it,
Then come take a pew
And enjoy the show
Gold blend? Choccies ? Wine?"

Smiley afpeople, holding forth
(smiley afpeople holding forth)
Smiley afpeople posting

All those Pratchett books
Like 'em? Love 'em!
Posting to the group?
Tag it! Tag it!
There's no need to cry
Clueless, newbie,
L-space helps a lot
When Tamar opines.
Gold Blend? Choccies? Mine!

Sorry Tamar, but it fits so well with the original.


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