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The Days We Spent at Clarecraft

Author: Suzi and others
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999

OK - here's the filk that came an honourable second in Murky's meta-competition at CCDE'99 <g >
To the tune of "Black Velvet Band"

The Days we spent at Clarecraft
With people from far and near
And if you wanted to find us
The first thing to find was the beer
We watched the rehearsals of dancing
As they played with their buckets and sticks
And then we went cabbage duelling
which is something we just do for kicks
There's Trolls and Witches and Wizards
Parading for all to see
And as the temperature rises
They fight for the shade of a tree
There's figures on offer for painting
And Hodges was here with his birds
And how many supersoakers?
The answer: "Too many for words"!


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