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The Meet that the Bodo's led

Author: Mark Datko
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999

With the consent of our wonderful hostess here finally is the Bristol meet filk based on Grandma's feather bed as sung many moons ago by John Denver

When I was an ancient fart, just up off the floor
We all went down to a Bristol house
in the middle of Rocky's Tour
We had lots of nuts, chocolate
French wine white and red
But the best darn thing about the Bristol house
Was the meet that the Bodo's led.

It was three days long, west country wide
With a prize, a PTeppic on view
It was made from committees of cons new and old,
Some geeks, and newbies too
With several kids and regulars
And a Gid that we stole from the shed.
Didn't get much sleep but we had a lot of fun
At the meet that the Bodo's led.
After breakfast we would stand around the fire
Meg's excellent barbecue
They would talk 'bout the books and the group
And the afpers filk a ballad or two.
I would stand and listen and watch the fire
Till the pianist filled my head
Next thing I know I wake up in the morning
At the meet that the Bodo's led


I loved my Ma, I loved my Pa,
I loved Granny and Grandpa, too
Been fishing with my cusin,
wrestled with my uncle
And I even kissed Aunt Lou-ooh!
If I ever had to make a choice,
I guess it ought to be said
I'd trade 'em all plus the gal down
the road For the meet that the Bodo's led
I'd trade them all plus the gal down the road
For the meet that the Bodo's led.


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