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The Reader of the FAQ

From: SteveD
Subject: [I] Annual delurk - another filk
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 07:45:26 GMT

<original: Leader of the Pack (The Shangri-Las)>

Is she really reading AFP?
Well, there's her post. Let's ask her.
Newbie, are those standard tags you're posting?
(Guess so)
Gee, it's so great seeing someone clued
Did you get a newbie pack too?
By the way, how'd you find us?

I met him at an online forum
He was courteous, and kinda sweet
You get the picture? (JPG? right here)
That's when I fell for (the Reader of the FAQ)

<fx: V.34bis connection negotiation>

Trolls and flamers always putting him down
Yet he always had a smile, not a frown
(watcha mean when ya say that he never had a frown)
They shouted and tore up the screen
Yet his posts were always serene
That's why I fell for (the Reader of the FAQ)

<fx: highspeed computer relays clicking>

One day his ISP, sad to tell
Was muscled out by AOL
(watcha mean when ya say it was muscled out by AOL?)
He said he'd find another way
To get connected, but until that day
Whenever I was online, I'd be (Reader of the FAQ)

<fx: knife switch closing, hard disk spinning up>

His last email spoke of AFP
Before he had to go
I replied as fast as I could
But the connection was fading and slow
And whether he got it, I'll never know

Connect! Connect! Connect! Connect!

Where could I start, what could I do?
I pulled out the logs where we'd spoken of Clue
Called up the links both baroque and austere
Read through the lot with meticulous care
'Cause now it's up to me, as (Reader of the FAQ)

Reader of the FAQ - now he's gone
Reader of the FAQ - up to me to carry on
Reader of the FAQ - I can do it, and here's a clue
Reader of the FAQ - it's not that hard, you can read it too

That's why they're welcomed,
the Readers of the FAQ!

SteveD in .au

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