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The Wolly Mammoth

From: Menno Willemse
Subject: [I] Filk - The Wolly Mammoth
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 17:54:03 +0100

Hi Folks,

This filk just popped into my mind while driving home from work. It was probably inspired by a comment someone made on #afp. It tells the Grisly Tale of the Book.


Menno aka Flexor

*** The Woolly Mammoth ***

- TTTO: The House of the Rising Sun

There is a field in Wetherden
That everybody shuns
Where lies a book that used to be
The punishment for puns

The trees are bald and barren
The grass is brown and dead
No crops will grow where local men
And women fear to tread

When AFPers came together
They spoke their horrid puns
The worst was given Longtusk
Or so the story runs

About a woolly mammoth
This book, it told the tale
Conceived by Stephen Baxter,
It made the punsters quail

Into the book's first pages
They scribbled their comments
They took it to CCDE
And hid it in their tents

They put it on the barbecue
It made a hideous sound
They wrapped it all in plastic, and
they put it in the ground

But still the woolly mammoth
Retains its deadly sway
Over the AFPmeets
Until this very day

So hear me, kindly AFPers
Speak not your evil puns
Or over your possessions
The woolly mammoth runs

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