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What The World Needs Now

From: Louise MacMahon
Subject: Re: [M] What is AFP? - 1st draft of essay
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 22:19:45 GMT

"Meg Thornton" wrote in message
> Hi all,
> Below is the first draft of a planned essay about what
> (and afpers) are about. It's designed to be a bit
> of an analysis, and is, at present, written wholely and solely from my
> viewpoint. I'm publishing it here in order to obtain some information
> from the rest of afp about what we perceive ourselves to be. So here
> goes:

This is the refrain that started to burrow through my mind when I read the essay, good though it is.

To the tune of that excreable song: "What the world needs now". Apologies in advance to those who find it particularly hard to dislodge.

What afp needs now is posts good posts
That's the only thing
That there's just
too little of

What afp needs now is jokes new jokes
No, not just for some
But for everyone

Lord, we don't need another f.a.q.
We've instructions, injunctions enough to spare.
We've got birthday lists
and who got pissed
and when and where

and just who cares
but l-space - has some more!

What afp need now is [A]'s good [A]'s
not the wildly strained
but the neat delicious ones

What afp needs now is [I]'s fun [I]'s
not a meta thread
or more netiquette

Lord we don't need to feed the trollers
We've got killfiles
and filters
and much more sense

We've got Old Farts and newbies
who do their best
tho' sorely pressed
to mind the croc,eat the choc
not top post

What afp needs now is posts good posts
much tumti tums and orchestra fade


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