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Wild Rover

From: Eelco Giele
Subject: Re: [F] Eindhoven Meet Report
Date: 25 Oct 1999 22:01:12 GMT

Patrick 'Turtle' Dersjant wrote:
> Eindhoven Meet 6.0, or:
> The creation of alt.fluffy-toys.hit.hit.hit

<snip, parts of very nice meet report>
> followed by Joost, Luc (two warmly welcomed newbies),

Well....since Luc is the cause of me being on afp and has allready visited several Eindhoven meets, I wouldn't call him a newbie... David Facett however was, bringing the newbie count back to 2.

> them around or doing other unpleasant things, which I missed. A hint
> of relevancy

Of course, he got away with that only because he has allready visited so many meets before. Which brings us to the topic discussed at the meet of how to call people often visiting meets. First timers are newbies, of course. Arwen wanted to be a regular, so at your second meet you are a regular. Three meets makes you an old fart. Some of those present decided it might not be such a good idea to explore the more-then-4-times.

> At two ends of the table, spontaneous filking erupted, and after some
> time, Kimberley was filked upon by a choir of Eelco, Jeroen B, Jos and
> Arwen. The texts of the filks went with Arwen, so maybe she will post
> (some of) them later on...

Actually, I have them. And they will be included at the bottom of this posting.

> team (Luc, Patrick, Jos, David, Uwe) and Green (Eelco, Arwen, Kim,
> Jeroen B, Rolf).

Nicknames, i want to see the nicknames.

> Fun was had by all, leading to a Red victory by 1543
> to 1360. Precise scores weren't noted down as an attempt to make a
> readable three dimensional matrix on a piece of paper failed.

And just the scores?

> And now, for some quotes:

I thought there were more. Are they just missing, or are they with Arwen?

And now for the song. This was a 30 minute job, so it is still a bit rough.

To the tune of Wild Rover...

I was all normal, an average creep
and I spend all me money on women and sheep
My life, it was easy so joyful and kind
but now there's this angel that's haunting my mind.

And it's no, nay never,
no never no more,
'cause she's mean, and she's evil
no never, no more

One day the thesis of Leo is done
but his innocense will never be gone
She will always tease this harmless old man
In every which way that she possibly can


Since this evil in my life did came
I know who the bastard is I have to blame
Kimberley is what this evil is called
she must be Alex-es most horrible fault


Yet she looks so nice and so terribly cute
you'd say she's benign and a hell of a hoot
But whatch out she's evil and mean as can be
incredible danger for both you and me

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