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Wouldn't it be Loverly

From: hippo
Subject: [I} Happy birthday to us!
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 09:11:26 +0000 (UTC)

Well, the unearthly child has just about crawled to its tenth birthday

Teething troubles, tantrums, well this old fart has seen them all.

What will the next ten years bring ?

This place,with all its associate peripheral epiphenomena is unique, as far as I know.True spawn of the information and communicatioo age. Guaranteed to make the research sociologist run a mile.

Unfortunately,this ancient observer of fandom Pratchettesque frustratingly regrets his inability to get to any of the celebratory events.

And alas, what with medication, confined to toasting the health of the afper community with a glass of cow juice tomorrow [1]

So,whistfully and a little bit selfishly, I immodestly offer a very short filk. As befits an ancient fart with a zimmer,the tune is from an old musical My Fair Lady

TTTO Wouldn't It Be Loverly

Its very dull at home
I dream of going back to afp....
Meets mmmm
This old fart wants to make it
To the next con at Hinckley
The doctor won't let me,I have to fix the knee
Mmm,mmm, wouldn't it be lovely

All I want is a meet somewhere
Fae away from domestic air
With my ickle cuddly bear
Aww,wouldn't it be loverly

Lots of choclates for me to eat
Salty licorice for the elite
Warm hugs, cool drinks,puns neat
Aww.wouldn't it be loverly
Aw, not loverly lying abso-blomin-lutely still

I can never budge till spring
And other friends so sadly ill
Some gods gone and cracked my knee
Sore n tender as it could be
Afpers takin care of me
Aww, wouldn't be loverly

Loverly loverly....


PS at another birthday,someone of similar years dissapears with the use of a ring

I'll just feel in my pocket...............................CARRIER LOST

[1] Global villagers adjust phrasing appropriate to your time zone

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