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A Nameless Assassin

From: Barry R
Subject: [I] Assassin Filk
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 21:47:50 -0000

Here you go Thomas... Oh, and I think you'll know this tune too Suzi

For: A Nameless Assassin
Tune: "Moonlight Shadow", By Mike Oldfield

Tonight I set about working
Using the shade of a moonlight shadow.
I wait there patiently lurking
Hidden away in a moonlight shadow
Guild got a contract they offered to me
Inhuming Mister Samuel Vimes
I am new, and in need the very good fee
So I'm here to do what I have to

The trees that whisper in the evening,
Cover the sounds as I notch my arrow
soon his widow will be grieving
once I have shot from my moonlight shadow
Then I see movement on the edge of my sight
from the side someone comes at me.
quickly turned and shot at the man from the right
But my aiming wasn't that true..

He's quick, One kick
and I double over, feel sick.
He's quick, One kick
and I double over, feel sick.

Four a.m. in the morning,
Dragged down a lane under moonlight shadows.
told this is a nice warning.
Then I'm tied up under moonlight shadows.
Frogmarched slowly through the silvery night,
To a ship on the River Ankh.
The Captain sails away at first light,
and I find I am part of his crew.

No escape for a month or two

Storms with a windspeed of a hundred and five.
I hate this sailing but at least I'm alive,
and at least I should make it home soon.

Getting waylaid under moonlight shadows.
Sailing away under moonlight shadows.
No escape for a month or two
But at least I should make it home soon

Barry R. B.F.

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