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From: Jon
Subject: Re: [I] Filk - It'sh all denturesh now (was: Sheep)
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 12:12:02 +0100

þus cwæð Eric Jarvis:
> Eric Jarvis wrote:
>> Rolling Stones at 10 paces
> It'sh all denturesh now
> Jagger, Richardsh, Jarvish

I'll see your All Over Now and raise you;


Angua, Oh Angua, when will those grey wolves disappear?
Angua, Angua, where will they lead us to from here?
Well I love your soft white throat and your grey and glossy coat
I can't say I've got you taped
But Angua, Angua, you can't stay in just one shape

Angua, you're beautiful, but ain't it time you had a walk?
Angua, I still love you, remember all those nights we talked
well, I know you chew my glove, but they can't call this puppy love
Love you to slaver in my ear
Angua, Angua, you'll have to walk on lead from here
Angua, don't you howl, there's good dogfood in your bowl
I would never tell you porkies
But Angua, Angua, ain't it time that I said walkies!

Well I love your soft white throat and your grey and glossy coat
I can say I'm satisfied
And Angua, I still love you, girl, but could you please do that outside?
There ain't no-one can track like you, come on Angua be my guide

Angua, Angua, ain't it good to be undead?
But Angua, Angua, Would we have wolf-cubs if we bred?

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