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Angua and Detritus

From: Aquarion
Subject: Re: [I] Terry Pratchett vs. RHPS
Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 18:54:38 +0100

(Er, Spoilers for the plot of the RHS)

Lydia took 42 tacks to pin this to the wall of
>On Mon, 7 May 2001 11:23:45 GMT, phobos wrote:
>Brad - Carrot -Because he is blindingly stupid in an intelligent kind
>of fashion.


>Frank - Greebo - in Human form, because he has the sexual magnatism of
>half the disk.

*fx: mind shuts down totally*

>Janet - Angua -Obvious choice to go with Carrot.

>Rocky - Detritus - because he's well rocky and the intelligence of a

Janet & Rocky?





I was feeling Canine.
Lost my mind.
I'd only hunted men before...

(You mean, you'd only hunted men?)

I thought theres no use getting...
..into trollish petting.
Only leads to headaches
with rock setting...

Now all I want in you,
is what to dooooo
I've tasted rock and I want *more*


I'll put up no resistance,
I want to go the distance
I need a troll to scrach,
I need assistance!

</me stops there. This was a test of the emergany autofilk defence system. It worked. I stopped before the chorus>

Yours in total sincerity,


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