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From: Louise Boucher
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999

This is the first filk I have ever written. Be nice to it. My sister needs a mention as she helped. To the tune of "Londiniun" by Catatonia (album version):


A-M never sleeps, it all f***ks
The life around me
Sees the money in my pocket.
Thieves Guild never creep, giant thugs
Take cash out of me.
Gave no guild receipt, Nobby.


Broadway, Short Street, mended Drum please.
Even good beer turns green.
Endless Street.
The black death spreads with the wholesale disease.
Endless Street, Endless Street.
Dibbler never sells me good food.
It's genuine pig.
Why would I waste my money?
Violent bars, Troll's Head, it just knocks
The life out of me
And the feelings from my body (Oh buggery!)


I come alive outside the Desoil Gate.
I won't drink the poisoned Ankh.
I'll leave the smells for life.

* (Chorus)*

I stay alive.
I stay alive.

And that was my attempt. Thank you for listening.
(Bows, steps off stage)
Going to lie down.

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