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From: Barry R
Subject: [I] Filk for Witches Abroad (Mrs Gogol, Granny and Lily Weatherwax)
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 19:15:56 -0000

For: Witches Abroad. The fight
Tune: "Anywhere Is", By Enya

<Name> Denotes Person Verse is applied to

<Mrs Gogol>
I cannot match her power, she uses the reflections
I have to wait a while, 'til Samedi Nuit Mort night
When I am at my strongest, and all my gods are ready
I'll challenge her at midnight, and end her reign of power.
Samedi comes, I am ready,
Challenge her, She wins swiftly
Here comes Granny, it's her turn to
battle Lily

Controlling other people against their will is evil
You may well be my sister, But I cannot allow it
Although you think you're stronger, your magic is the weaker
You may defeat Erzulie, but I can beat your magic
"Esmerelda, you can't beat me,
Between mirrors, I can't lose"
But I've won, I've smashed a mirror,
now you must choose.

Then suddenly I'm standing, Death waiting there beside me
And all around are mirrors, all showing me my likeness
Death tells me I have to search until I can discover
Which Granny is the real one, If I succeed I'll get out

I walk a maze of mirrors, and everywhere I turn to
I see my own reflection. I have to find the real one.
They stretch to the horizon, I don't know where to start from.
I pick a place at random, my mind is so uncertain.
Look down here, I cannot find me.
Look down there, there's no success
Over yonder, running wildly,
I cannot guess.

The face of Esmerelda, looks out from all the mirrors
I look at all my faces. I turn to Death and smile.
I touch my chest with my hand, and clearly say "It's this one"
Death snaps his bony fingers, and I slowly awaken

I try another passage, I cannot seem to find me.
The real me is here somewhere. I have to keep on searching.
I don't how to find her, or how long it will take me.
I might be just beginning, I might be near the end.

Barry R. B.F.

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