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Carrot and Angua

From: Mark A. Cooper
To: <>
Subject: Filks from 99
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 01:52:15 +0100

--- [I] Breakfast In America Filk ---

aaaagh! Mark's escaped!
<f/x: screaming, sounds of human stampede>

*maniacal laugh* Yes, I'm back with another filk...

Enjoy. Or not. I just write 'em.


Carrot and Angua (to the tune of Breakfast in America by Supertramp)

Take a look at my girlfriend
We go for walkies in the park
A werewolf for a girlfriend
And yes, her bite's worse than her bark...

Take a lantern around the city
Working in the City Watch
See the Shades and all the wizards
Ankh-Morpork's not pretty, it's true
But there's lots for Watchmen to do...

A moonlit night gives her problems
Angua dear, Angua dear
She scares the hell out of Morpork
'Cause everyone's a sinner, here...

She's a werewolf; no one told me
But now that doesn't bother me
Because I love her (though rarely tell her)
And your deeds had better be true
Or I'll have to set her on you...

Don't you mess with my girlfriend
And never get her in a fight
A werewolf for a girlfriend
And she knows where to put her bite...

Well, as for me, my name is Carrot
I know everyone round here
And people say that I'm a monarch
I'm hoping that it won't come true
If it did, then what can I do...?

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