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From: Joy Green
Subject: [R] Hogswatch Carol No 3 -- Carrot.
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 20:30:08 +1300

The tune for this one is a little more obscure though doubtless any choristers amongst the horde that is AFP will know it.

Tune: The Shepherds Farewell by Hector Berlioz

Thou must leave thy lowly dwelling
Thy troglodytic habitat
Height, all dwarfish size excelling
Effectively makes sure of that
Though as parents thou dost love us
And we have raised thee as our own
These days, dear son, thou loom'st above us
It's time at last the truth was known,
It's time at last the truth was known

Thou art not fruit of our marriage
We found thee as a mewling child
'Midst the wreckage of a carriage
Alone and friendless in the wild
This sword beside thee when we found thee
Thy heritage it may proclaim
So seek, with other men around thee
Thy fortune and perchance thy name,
Thy fortune and perchance thy name

In Ankh-Morpork thy future's set now
A watchman's badge awaits thee there
Thou need'st must go, but don't forget now
Be good, write home, and please take care
Though many dangers thou may'st face there
Let dwarfish habits be thy guide
Stand fast, be true, and find thy place there
And thou wilt be a man besides
And thou wilt be a man besides

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