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Chants of Witches

From: Mark Datko
Subject: [I] A witches filk
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 13:05:56 -0000

As it has become a seasonal tradition for a certain musical to be broadcast in the uk, last year being no exception I humbly offer this. Perhaps the esteemed filking community of afp might like to tackle the rest of the canon.

Happy new millenium to all

The hills are alive with the chants of witches
With spells they have caste for a thousand years
The hills fill the disk with those magic stories
My head wants to learn every tale it hears

Theres a witch who can borrow creatures minds
that roam BadAss through the trees
That mind can enter into bees that fly
from cottage on the breeze

To leap into brook with a wizard tall
and through stones to the elve
To stare at the sun as a girl is learning to delve

I go to the disk when my mind is restless
I know I will read what I've read before
My days may be cursed by the chants of witches
But I'll read once more

Mark Datko

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