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Death Filk

Author: Barry R.

For Death: In his moments of reflection
Tune: Borderline, by Chris de Burgh.

Standing on the battlefield, Performing the Duty
Another luckless victim, who's better off with me
Today a lot of soldiers fought a bloody war,
and I took the pain when they could take no more.

Riding through the countryside, Duty now complete
Returning to my study, and sitting in my seat.
And in the candlelight I sit, and start to see
the people I have helped, who I've set free

But they're not really gone, I hold them in my head
While I still do the Duty, then no one is quite dead
I'll always be here, and that means they will too
Here with me, when I'm lonely
and I will be right here until the day
The Universe dies.

Staring into Nothingness, Nowhere left to hide
Fulfilled all my duties, and now everything has died
Yes, nothing has been living now for quite a while
but I still can see the faces, and I smile

Then it starts all again
I know what I must do
I watch the discworld rise up from primordial Stew.
I wait 'til things know
there's a life to lose
then I'll be there, and I will care
and take away the pain when time has come...
and do the Duty...
and do the Duty...

Barry R. B.F.

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