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Dibbler's Song

From: Janice at UU
Subject: [I] Filk - Dibbler's Song
Date: 24 Sep 2003 11:19:07 -0700

My first attempt at a filk - be kind!

To the tune of "In Dublin's Fair City" a.k.a "Molly Malone"

In Ankh-Morpork city where dwarves might be pretty
(If ever they work out which one is the chick).
A man wheels his barrow through streets long and narrow
Crying sausages, sausages, rat-onna-stick!

Rat-onna-stick, rat-onna-stick,
Sausages, sausages, rat-onna-stick!

Hordes have been purveyed a snack from this gourmet
And lived to regret this unfortunate act.
For ketchup is needed to stifle the heaving
of Dibbler's pig products a-fighting back.

Fighting back, they're fighting back,
Dibbler's pig products are fighting back.

His plans though ambitious, are never propitious
But that's never worried ol' Cut Me Own Throat
His barrow has lumbered to mob scenes unnumbered
Selling crumbly dwarf bread and festering goat.

Festering goat, Festering Goat
Crumbly dwarf bread and festering Goat!

Our tastebuds are boding a stomach imploding -
Assassins have studied his cookery skills.
And testing the flavour shows who is the braver,
For extra Guild credits and poisonous thrills.

Poisonous thrills, poisonous thrills
Extra Guild credits and poisonous thrills.

All hail! to the retailing champ of the resale
of leftover bits of unspeakable food.
Your clients' contriving of gastro-surviving
Salute you far more than we few ever could.

We few ever could, we few ever could,
Salute you far more than we few ever could.

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