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Filk for Death part 2

From: "MEG"
Subject: Re: [I] Filk for Death (and part II)
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 21:29:16 -0000

Barry R wrote in message ...
<snip excellent filk - go back and read it>
And to follow:

To the tune of Say Goodbye to it All - Chris De Burgh (it follows on naturally from Borderline)

Took their spirits across the water
It was vaguely ethereal
We were lucky and we had no hold-ups
On our way to Nirvana, Valhalla & Hell
Far from the life they all knew
They said goodbye to it all.

So I brought them their expectations
Half a smile behind my eyes
Oh sure, their pain I'm taking
But, such small children, the poor and deluded
Hoping for a peaceful end
They say goodbye to it all.

I walk up on a cold blue morning
To see them there, standing in line for me
Many years I remember harvesting the souls
And how I find them, they'll never know
But it's their time, there and then
To say goodbye to it all

To it all
Say goodbye to it all
Say goodbye to it all..

I will guide you when it's your time to go
Heal the things that hurt you most
As we walk on the sand of destiny
We'll come to Hades, Brahman or Heav'n
So whisper a prayer for your soul
Or say goodbye to it all

Now you've got your own place where you should be
And I keep the job I do so well
Remember fondly your journey 'cross the water
I shouldn't mind but I never had a choice
There's only me and time in this world
I couldn't say goodbye to it all
I wouldn't say goodbye to it all

'Bye to it all
Sayayayayay goood bye to it all
Sayayayayay goodbye to it all
Sayayayayay good bye to it all
Say goodbye.......


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