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Filk for Death 2

From: Christopher Flather
Subject: [I] Another lurker becomes less so.
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 02:09:19 -0000

Yes, I've lurked enough to post.

Hmm, sorry, yes that makes me yet another newbie ;-)

It's yet another filk for Death, sorry it's not up to the usual AFP standard, I'll try harder next time, and maybe next time it will be as good as everyone else's. Hope I haven't wasted your time, or broken any unspoken AFP rules.

Filk for Death

The clicking of white bone across an ebony floor
Enveloping the night
Great swishes of the mighty blade
And booming voice
Entombs the world

A bony figure
Rides a ghost white horse
Against the dark
Older than time itself     [1]
Ultimate Reality
The final case

Lonelier than any man
In the seas of infinity
Cold, Clear, Logic,
Clinically unfeeling
No love

Always there     [2]
Striding against the night
Friend of the ill
And defeater of empires
Whisk away the world
The soul

And now it's over
Just empty depths
The darkness of empty space
But still you're there
Still you care
For what can we hope for
If not the care of the Reaper Man?   [3]

[1] Yes, whilst something had to die first it's suggested in Eric that at the end of time a new existence is created. So just pretend it's the second one, OK?

[2] This is one of those alternate past thingies, just try to imagine Soul Music and Reaper Man never happened. Though there was always a "death" just not our Death. If you see what I mean.

[3] Sorry, blatant rip-off of quote.

Christopher Flather
Visual FX Corporation
CEO & Chief Programmer

(a.k.a The Nap Hill Lurker)

P.S. Can I have some chocolate please?

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