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Flat World

From: MegaMole
Subject: [I] Flat World
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 20:29:52 +0000

** This article is posted to abp only because the challenge was laid **
** down there. Please honour follow-ups or they'll get cross. **
** Also, this article contains spoilers for various DW books. **

In article, Terry writes:

>>In article <NdL56.29365$>, simon
>> writes
>>After all, we're
>>all looking at the same thing, the same people and the same world
>>(song breaks out in the background: "It's a flat world after all").
>>Fade out.
> I positively forbid anyone from writing this filk.

Sources have passed this post on to me.

Well, you were warned...

Flat World
TTTO: "It's a Small World, after all" - The Lion King et seq.

It's a magic world,
Full of slow gold light,
Scruffy talking dogs,
Girls with equal rites -
All those places to go -
But, as Omnians know,
It's a flat world after all.

It's a flat world after all
It's a flat world after all
It's a flat world after all
It's a flat, flat world.

There is just one Hub
And one wide blue Rim
And one hat with
WIZZARD on the brim
As the Turtle it moves
Our experience proves
It's a flat world after all.

[repeat Chorus after each verse]

[leave this verse out if singing to kiddies]
There's one Mended Drum
Near the River Ankh,
One Miss VaVa Voom
Over whom to ... drool ...
And if Slab pushers stroll
Near Detritus the troll
It's a flat world, after all.

We all see the Disc
In our own mind's sight -
We all know The Truth
And are sure *we're* right.
But in all of her selves,
Magrat battles the elves
In the same flat world - that's all.

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