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From: Jens Ayton
Subject: Re: [I] pTop of the pops
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 16:30:47 +0200

awakener wrote:
> Two Flower

On a cabbage-lined highway
Rank wind in my hair
Strange smells surround me
(I _really_ widh they weren't there)
Up ahead in the distance
I see a dingy grey town
Not the richness expected
I notice with a puzzled frown
Then I walked through the gateway
I heard the university's bell
And I was thinking to myself
This is probably hell.
As I wandered through the town
Looking for an inn
I heard a voice down an alley
Which started to sing:

"Welcome to the city of Ankh-Morpork
Such a messy place, right up in your face
Plenty of room for tourists in Ankh-Morpork
Any time of year, you are welcome here...

This place is def'nitly twisted
It's sure to give you the bends
Mrs. Palm has lots of pretty girls
Who want to be your freinds
They won't dance in no courtyards
but they will make you sweat
I hope you'll want to remember
There's no way you'll forget.
Call on in at the Drum too
Though they won't serve you wine
They'll serve you what htey call beer
But it tastes more like wine"
And when that voice finished singing
Words echoed in my head
They weren't entirely pleasant
this is what they said:

"Welcome to the city of Ankh-Morpork
Such a messy place, right up in your face
You're living on borrowed time here in Ankh-Morpork
Many a nice surprise, right up till you dies..."[1]

Last thing I remember
I was running for the gate
I had to leave this town
Before it was too late
Relax, said a watchman
We are happy to recieve
But you're in the Shades now and
You will never leave...

[much guitar soloing goes here]

Oh, did you say "Twoflower"? Hmm. I guess this was someone else. :-)

[1] Gimme a break... it's my first proper filk.

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