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From: MegaMole

1: to "The Silver Swan" - Gibbons [how appropriate!]

The student mage, who stands with mouth agape,
When tests approach calls for the Library Ape.
Knuckling his way across the haunted shelves,
he scolds the students' pranks and e'en the books themselves:
"Farewell, all joys - O Death, pass me that book -
Now where's that peanut shell? Ook eeka ooka ook..."

2: to "Fair Phyllis I saw" - Wilbye

Fair Magrat I saw sitting all alone
Talking to flow'rs near to the mountain side -
The witches knew not where her wand had gone,
But after it, Nanny and Granny hied.
Up and down they wandered to try and find her
When they caught up, she'd left her wand behind her...

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