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Men at Arms

Author: Morgan Lewis
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999

At least, I'm figuring this'll go to [I] quickly. It may qualify as [R] right now, but I'm not sure, since it *is* a filk.

Heavy M@A spoilers:
Men At Arms filk, by Morgan Lewis
To the tune of Blue Oyster Cult's ASTRONOMY

A few notes on scanning: Periodically, I use an apostrophe in an odd word. It's basically meant to shorten the sound of it. For example, Corp'ral instead of Corporal; two syllables, not three. In Lord D'Eath, however, it must be pronounced -- De-Eath, not Death. I am presuming Cruces was a Lord, for convenience sake. And the word solar has been left out of solar plexus, because otherwise it doesn't scan right, and that line has such a nice resonance with the original one that I couldn't pass it up.

The dawn comes forth and ideas burst
Out from Leonard's mighty brain
Mix fireworks and a metal case
Projectile made to fly away
Like child's play to be made
Physics lessons demonstrate
But now it is too dangerous
So it must be locked away
Come Lord D'Eath, let's take a look
Through the books of history
I know you are impov'rished
And you want to know where kings come from
But you'd never known at all
That this man would walk a beat
When you see his face you know
He's a man of Law
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Back to back the two guilds are
Fools and killers share a wall
A plan to get the Gonne you seek
Uncertainty just makes you weak
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Single clown with two corpses
The other one's a duplicate
The Gonne is guided by the sight
Of the Head that never warned
Yes the Head that never, never warned
Oh the Head that never
Never warned
Never warned
The clock strikes twelve and bullets burst
At Angua from a hiding place
Heir to the throne Corp'ral Carrot
Would find himself thrusting his sword
Through the plexus of Lord Cruces
And through a pillar of stone
Carrot waits not hopelessly
While Captain Sam Vimes gets married
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
By a lack of silver
And full moonlight
The life put on the line
Will be restored tonight
And don't forget Gaspode
Not inconsequent
No far
No far
No far
No far

Morgan Lewis

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