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Mightily Oats

From: "Barry R"
Subject: [I] Filk for Mightily Oats
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 18:46:18 -0000

For: Mightily Oats, in times of self discussion
Tune: "The Voice", by The Moody Blues.

" " denotes where the Inner Oats is speaking

Note - This song has a strange rhyming method...
I've tried to stay as close to the original as I can.

Undermining my belief,
you steal my faith just like a thief
Just for once I wish you'd show
You trust my teachings, and what I know
(Ohhh) You give me a headache
(Ohhh) won't you listen.
(Ohhh) can't you give me a break, For now.

"It is not your faith I mind,
it's just the fact your faith is blind
Behind stories you can't hide
Each story has another side.
(Ohhh) I don't question it's truth
(Ohhh) I'm just saying
(Ohhh) you should look for more proof, than words"

But you just use words in the case you state
"No I just provide you an alternate.
I show where people have written
other words that you have not seen"
I wish that you wouldn't, I couldn't
face losing any more faith,
I have not got enough to spare
I need to regain it.
I think that I'll travel somewhere.

Made a promise, took a vow
I'll not desert the god Om now
I will go to the Ramtops
and spread the word at each of my stops
(Ohhh) holy words I will say
(Ohhh) on my way there
(Ohhh) and at night I will pray, for strength

(Ohhh) when there's no more to do
(Ohhh) there in Lancre
(Ohhh) Then I'll go into Uberwald

"But out there in the wilds of Uberwald
there's many werewolves, many Vampires Old"
I can hear the country calling.
I will set off within the day.
"I wish that you wouldn't, You shouldn't
go out into the wilds.
It's a dangerous place to be."
But I have to go there,
to rebuild the faith left in me.

Each and every day will be
a new experience for me
While I'm there I'll once more find
My faith returns, and gives me strength of mind.
(Ohhh) Then I will be restored
(Ohhh) Full of gladness
(Ohhh) and I will spread once more Om's Word

(Ohhh) Then I will be restored
(Ohhh) Full of gladness
(Ohhh) and I will spread once more Om's Word

Barry R. B.F.

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