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Monkey Man

From: Paul Andinach

A little something that occurred to me during a Philosophy lecture.

Apologies to Billy Joel, who IIRC wrote the Piano Man song from which the tune is stolen...

It's near closing time at the Mended Drum,
And there's no sober people in view.
At the end of the bar an orangutan
Is looking for something to do.

At a table a man with a battleaxe
Has the ape pointed out by his friends.
Since the last drink he's got no idea how to think
And his sense is quite frayed at the ends.

He says,
"Show us yer strength, Mr Monkey Man!
I can take you in a fi - "

[Sounds of an enraged orangutan. The piano accompaniment peters out, and there's silence apart from the orangutan and something hard and hollow bouncing rhythmically on the floor. Fade.]

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