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Nac Mac Feegle

From: Jon
Subject: [I] Filk - Nac Mac Feegle
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 14:40:37 +0100

And this is a filk that needs spoiler space, bedad. OK, piper, just vamp till ready ...

Jiggit ....

So, with due apologies to Jarvis Cocker and Pulp for massacring their classic track /Common People/ ... OK, boys, take it away ... [covers ears]

*Nac Mac Feegle*

She's from the Chalk, she has a thirst for knowledge
She wants to study at a witches college
That's why she
Knows what she wants to be
They told her that her brother's taken
She said "in that case, since I'm the Aching
The job's mine"
And then in thirty seconds time
She was
Carried off by the Nac Mac Feegle
Doing all the things the Nac Mac Feegle do
On the side of the Nac Mac Feegle
Be glad they're on the same side as you
And though they rob, fight and are blue
Well, what else could she do?

They took her for to see their Kelda
Because they knew she had to start somewhere
So she started there
The Kelda told her to take over
Tiffany smiled and acted bolder
And said "yeah
though I can't see anyone getting married in here"
(Are you sure)
You can lead all the Nac Mac Feegle?
Against the queen of a land you cannot see?
Can you fight with the Nac Mac Feegle?
Can you find a way to get Wentworth free?
And as they hit the road,
She just smiled and held her toad

Find a way in through the door
See what's real and when you're sure
Cut the head from off the drome
Find your brother, take him home
When the dreams come from the Queen
Things are not just how they seem
Never heed the faery call
But if you see clear you can stop it all
With the help of the Nac Mac Feegle
As they do what ever Nac Mac Feegle do
No-one can help like the Nac Mac Feegle
Though they tend sometimes to slide out of view
And drink and smoke and spew
Because they think that's what to do

March along with the Nac Mac Feegle
March along cos they will all see it through
Fight along with the Nac Mac Feegle
Fight along cos they're all fighting with you
And it's what you have to do
Because you think that Right is cool.

No-one can live like the Nac Mac Feegle
No-one can live like the Nac Mac Feegle
Oh, no!

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