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Occult People

From: Daibhid Cheinnedelh
Subject: [I] The aforementioned filks (Was: [M](I think) Filk query)
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 14:53:51 GMT

The other one I've been working on recently is what you might call Pulp fantasy... <groans from the gallery>

Occult People

She came from Sto Lat, she was educated
She thought the supernat'ral wasn't rated
That's why she
Couldn't see
I told her her grandad was Death
But I could've saved my breath
She heard SQUEAK!
And as soon as she could speak
She said

"I don't want to be like occult people
"I don't want do the things that occult people do
"I don't want to talk to occult people
"I don't want to talk to occult people like you."
So what else could I do?
I called Binky, and off we flew

I took her to a wizard's raven
I don't know how but he somehow used his beak
To translate my squeak
She insisted we could not be real
She was raised on logic so she'd feel
That way
(I don't see anyone else disbelieving it)
Are you sure

You don't want to be like occult people
You don't want see the things that occult people see
You don't want to talk to occult people
You don't want to talk to occult people like me?
Cause your powers are quite clear
Like the way you disapear

Buy sensible clothes from shops
Get yourself a quiet job
Don't use the stare or the voice
Pretend that you have made your choice
Still you'll never get it right
'Cause when the monsters come at night
From the closet in the hall
You can use the power and stop it all

You can't help being like occult people
Even if you don't quite know what it means
You were born to occult people
You've got Death built right into your genes
And when you say it's not fair
The Universe doesn't care

Drink at Beirs with the occult people
Drink with them and you'll see they're people too
Hang around with the occult people
Hang around and you'll realise it's true
That normal is not for you
And there's nothing you can do

Dave, who will return

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