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Once in Great Ankh-Morpork City

Subject: [F] [I] ANOTHER Hogswatch filk
From: Joy Green
Date: 1998/11/30

Once in great Ankh-Morpork city
Lived a scion of the king
He was tall and strong and royal
Knew everyone and they knew him
But instead of crown and throne
A watchman's badge he made his own

And his friends were far from noble
Far from human truth be told
And his lover was a werewolf
His colleagues golems, dwarfs and trolls
Yet he felt no kingly scorn
Amongst the lowly and forlorn

For he took to be his mentor
A suspicious bastard known as Vimes
Who believed the highest calling
Keeping law and fighting crimes
Protect and serve -- a noble aim
King or policeman, both the same


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