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Only You

From: Joy Green
Subject: [I] A filk for Lady Sybill
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 21:27:47 +1300

Apologies in advance to all. I may be doing a lot of filking over the next few weeks as it's something I *can* do while stuck in bed.

Anyway the tune: 'Only You' by Yazoo/Flying Picketts. The narrator: Lady Sybill Ramkin

Seems I spent my whole life alone
In my ancestral home
I was content to,
Dragons occupied all my thoughts
Were my passion and cause
And my friends too

Then I met him and my whole life changed
I know that people must have found it strange
But he's no common man,
Not my Sam

Yes, he is a Guard to the core
It's his love for the law
That defines him
He doesn't feel at home in my set
And the whole etiquette
Quite confines him

But though he's very little time for me
He's all the husband that I hoped he'd be
A strong and decent man,
Is my Sam

There's no way you could call him posh
He's as blunt as a cosh
And as stunning
He's the kind of man who's direct
But when you need him you bet
He'll come running

And I know with Samuel by my side
I get a feeling of enormous pride
A very special man
Is my Sam


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