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Reeling In The Years

From: Jon
Subject: [I] Filk - Reeling in the Years
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 15:41:53 +0100

The situation is that of the History Monks speaking to Lobsang Ludd. To the tune, would you believe, of 'Reeling in the Years', by Steely Dan.

*Reeling in the Years*

The ever-present future, you can see it failing fast
So you paste a bit of Time in that you hope will save the past
Well, you seem to know the future like you hold it in your hand
The things you do with History we can't understand

Are you reeling in the years?
Stowing away the Time?
Can you see the future clear?
Do you know what you will find?

We've known you were a genius since you were seventeen
But with all the Time we have to hand we still don't know what it means
Your courses at our college didn't turn out like we planned
The level of your knowledge we can't understand


We've spent a lot of knowledge and we've saved a lot of Time
The way you slice through Time itself is etched upon our minds
And after all the things we've done and seen, we still can be surprised
But now we know whose son you are we realise


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