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Ridcully the Brown

From: Daibhid Ceannaideach
Date: 05 Jun 2003 19:06:51 GMT
Subject: [I] Ridcully filk

Ridcully the Brown
(TTO "Bad Bad Leroy Brown")

The high turnover in Archancellors,
Is gettin' the wizards down.
So they decide they'll have an easy ride,
With one Ridcully the Brown.

Now, they thought he was a hedge wizard,
Wise about birds and roots.
But they hadn't heard that to Ridcully a bird,
Was just something he could shoot.

And it's mad Rid-cully Brown,
Huntin' and fishin' Morpork town.
His energy gives wizards pain,
He's driven the Bursar insane.

Now Ridcully thinks he's a leader,
And he's read up on on it all, you see.
He knows 'bout management styles, and so, all the while,
He's turnin' into a PHB.

He's got a crossbow over his shoulder,
He's got a 'tache like he's swallowed a cat,
He's got a bunch of dry-flies, which he himself ties,
He's got a camping set in his hat.

And it's mad Rid-cully Brown,
The admin skills of a drunken clown,
Tryin' to make a lean, mean team,
From wizards is a real pipe-dream.


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