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Running Wizzard Man

From: Jens Ayton
Subject: [I] Filk: Running Wizzard Man
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 18:14:03 +0200

This came to me fully formed on the bus yesterday. Then I forgot it. So,
I painstakingly recreated it over several minutes, coming up with
something not quite as good... Nothing new there, then.

Running Wizzard Man
TTTO _Hoochie Coochie Man_ (Willie Dixon)

Witchin' woman told my mother,
'Fore I was born,
"You got a boy-child comin',
Gonna be your seven+ath son.
He gonna make pretty women
Run, scream and shout
World's all gonna know
what he's all about,"

Because hey
Everybody knows I'm him
I'm the running wizzard man
Everybody knows I'm him

'S a black cat on my path,
I got bad mojo too,
I'm just crap with mahic,
So I'm gonna run from you.
I'm gonna have scary girls
Lead me by the hand
The world's gonna know
I'm the running wizzard man!


On the seven-ath hour
Of the seven-ath day
Of the seven-ath month
Seven-ath wizard said:
"I just don't get it,
The boy has now wham
But he's a sevn-ath son
So don't you mess with him!

Because hey
Everybody'll know it's him
He's the running wizzard man
Everybody'll know it's him"

I'm the running wizzard man
Everybody knows my name.

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