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The Ballad Of Susan Death

From: Jon
Subject: [R] Filk - The Ballad of Susan Death
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 12:53:45 -0000

*The Ballad of Susan Death*

/arranged for lute, crumhorn, and finger in ear/

As I was out a walking, in old Ankh-Morpork Town
I spied a bonny lass go by, of very great renown
She was fair and blithe beside, her mind so very quick
So I offered her me pillion, and she called me a

With a whack fol a derry oh, the next verse will make you groan
She might inherit Sto Helit, but her Grandad's naught but bones

I was still out a walking, and saw Susan Sto Helit
"Those bastard bloody Auditors have got me in a snit,
"They've just retired me Grandad, now I'm right out of luck,
"What shall I do me deario?" "I couldn't give a


Walking yet another day, I met the maid again,
"The Hogfather has gone away, and Grandad's acting strange
"How shall I find the stolen teeth, it's got me in a twist,"
I couldn't answer sensibly, for I was very


Still I'm bloody walking, and I spied the lady fine
The one renowned in all the land as saviour of our Time
She's walking out with Time himself, she's got Sweeper to thank,
She's pretty, boys, but on the whole I'd rather have a


Fed up with all this walking, today I caught the bus
And saw that woman once again, and so I made a fuss
"I keep bloody seeing you! Be you a-tailing me," I calls,
"Be you a copper after I?" To which she answered


(generic rude folk song)

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