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The Beggars

From: Joy Green
Subject: Hogswatch Carol No 1 -- The Beggars
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 11:17:42 +1300

To the Tune of 'We Three Kings'

Beggars we in Ankh-Morpork's snow
Reviled and shunned wherever we go
Shuffling, tattered, bruised and battered,
Murmuring grim and low.

O spare a copper, don't be tight,
For the poor this Hogswatch night,
We're cold and empty, you have plenty,
Come on squire and do what's right.

In charity, sir, please spare a buck,
For this sad soul who's down on his luck
May I importune, your good fortune
Duck sir? I have no duck.


Oh Lady, please, I beg be a toff.
This bitter night may carry me off.
I need some money, for lemon and honey,
And whisky to ease this cough.


And Foul Old Ron, though stinking it's true
Was once a healthy lad much like you.
But now he mutters down in the gutters,
So toss him a coin or two


Remember now that though you may moan,
At least you have a hearth and a home.
And thank your luck that you're not like us
ho freeze in the dark alone.


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