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The Theological Song

From: Adrian Ogden
Subject: [R] Oh god, not another bl**dy FILK
Date: 29 Jun 2000 10:44:12 GMT

While I was working on "In Llamedos" the difficult rhyming scheme made me think of another song, and so this started to take shape at the same time. For those who remember Supertramp I present


When I was young I thought that Om was so wonderful
Oh a miracle
He was beautiful, terrible
And all the tasks that they gave me, I would do them all joyfully
Of the theocracy watching me

But then they took me away and I found out they were cynical
Oh hypocritical, criminal
They said my total recall was really something incredible
Really magical
It could be practical, tactical

There are times when all the world is changed
And it all becomes too strange
For such a simple man
And I need to find my way somehow
If my God can hear me now
Please tell me who I am

They took me into a world where people seemed so illogical
Intellectual, radical
And my God came to me, but he was stuck in a tortoise shell
It seemed unnatural
Quite impossible, laughable

T'was a time when all my world was changed
It all became too strange
For such a simple man
But my god was there to share my grief
He grew strong through my belief
And he showed me who I am

Adrian Ogden

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