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Through The Winter City

From: Joy Green
Subject: Hogswatch Carol No 4 -- The Matchgirl
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 20:45:30 +1300

To the tune of 'In the bleak midwinter'

Through the winter city
Wind blows bitter cold
Duty calls the Reaper
To collect a soul
Snow is falling, gentle, soft
On a childish form,
Just a bunch of matches,
Left to keep her warm.

She huddles in the shadows
No shelter to be found
The child is quickly failing
Angels gather round
For the poor and helpless
Hogswatch holds no cheer
It's just as harsh and cruel as
Any time of year.

A feeling of betrayal
Haunts the Reaper's mind
Should the festive spirit
Not be just and kind?
An impulse of rebellion
He cannot resist
And this sad old story
Gains a newer twist

Turning on the Seraphs
He puts them to flight
No innocent young orphan
Needs to die tonight
Seeking for an answer
He spies a passing pair
And he gives the matchgirl
Into the Watches care.

So for just one Hogswatch
Fate will be denied
Death resumes his mantle
Grimly satisfied
To once avoid his duty
And all the rules to bend
To bring a happy ending
Instead of just THE END

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