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Uberwald Nights

From: Carrie Cota
Subject: [I] Filk: Uberwald Nights
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 11:44:27 GMT

All right you lot. I am tired of hearing it doesn't exist. So I wrote it. BTW: is this enough of a red flag for people who don't like filks?

Uberwald Nights
(TTTO Hollywood Nights)

She was a young witch, in Lancre town.
He was a count's son from Uberwald.
She looked at him through eyes unglazed with glamour
He knew right then he was it was her blood that called.
Ah, it was her blood that called.

He took her hand as they walked 'long the cliffs,
They watched the river in gorge fare below.
They flew for hours above all of it.
Higher and higher and higher they climbed.

In those Uberwald nights
In those Uberwald hills.
She was looking for fights
She had all of her spells.
In those dark forest nights
In those high cliff like hills
Above all her frights,
She had all of her skills.

He went to his crypt because an old witch was in his blood.
To wait for a new night to rise once again.
She had good hair and it didn't get in the way,
He saw her face and he all but gave up his sin.
Yeah, he almost gave up his sin.

Night after night he chased her it went on so long.
Then came that evening with Granny alone.
The phoenix blew off the castle gates
Before making its presence a taste of cleansing flame

And those Uberwald nights,
In those Uberwald hills.
He was looking so right
In waistcoat and frills.
And that big castle night
In those high cliff like hills,
Below morning's lights
Was the passion that kills.

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